Master Tara Singh and His Reminiscences

by: Prithipal Singh Kapur (Prof.), PVC-GNDU

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  • ISBN: 81-7205-522-6
  • Edition(s): Jan-2015 / 1st
  • Pages: 335
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Master Tara Singh (1885-1967) was preeminent and the most durable leader of the Sikhs for more than four decades of the 20th century. The Sikh multitude reposed trust in him because of his impeccable integrity and honesty. Starting his career as an educator, he was driven to the arena of Gurdwara Reform movement and Sikh politics by his strong religious impulse that got ignited with Nankana Sahib Massacre in February 1921. Thereafter his proximity to the Sikh affairs catapulted him to the centre-stage of the community by early 1930. He led the Sikhs from the front in fight for freedom of India; but never hesitated to assert his stand which was not in line with the ‘consensus’ reflected by the congress. As a consequence, he became a victim of vilification. Such was the illustrious; though much maligned and grossly misunderstood leader that the Sikhs brought forth during the critical and fateful phase of their history in the 20th century. He surely deserves a serious study on his life and contribution. The book is first-ever effort in this direction.

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