Balbir Singh Kanwal

Balbir Singh Kanwal (B. 08.03.1934) a Punjabi writer was born to Gian Kaur and Sundar Singh in village Jaura, district Hoshiarpur. He is married to Ajit Kaur.

He was a teacher by profession but his passion is the search of our rich heritage. He has collected an amazing collection on Punjabi heritage and musical tradition and has established International Punjab Heritage Museum in his house at London. He wrote the biographies of Indian Wrestlers and Sikh Musicians. His books contain amazing information in simple and interesting language. His language represents the Punjabi language of undivided Punjab and fills the gap between the two Punjabs.

He was awarded for his work on Indian Wrestlers by UNESCO. Language Department Punjab awarded him Shiromani Punjabi Sahitkar Award.

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