Biography: Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskin (Glimpses of his life)

by: Balwinder Singh Jhour (Giani)

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  • Edition(s): Jan-2008 / 2nd
  • Pages: 176
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It is gratifying to note that an American Gursikh Lady has translated the Biography and personal Glimpses of the life of the Panth Ratan Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskin’s book (Jeewan Jhalkian written in Punjabi by Giani Balwinder Singh Ji Jhour, resident of Canada) in the English language. Since Giani ji has been an international personality who has been propagating the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and every devotee Sikh living in any country was benefiting from the tours of Giani Ji to all countries wherever Gursikhs were living. In view of this it was an overdue that Biography and Glimpses of the life of Giani Ji should also be available to the English knowing Gursikhs residing in foreign countries. It will greatly benefit those English speaking Gursikhs and also encourage the second generation Gursikhs who have been born and brought up and settled in their adopted countries. This book will bring them closer to Gurmat and make them proud and devoted Gursikhs.

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