The Sikh Religion (6 Vol. Bound in 3)

by: Max Arthur Macauliffe

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  • Hardback
  • ISBN: 81-87526-03-3 (set)
  • Edition(s): Jun-2021 / 4th
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It is a monumental work on the Sikh Religion, firstever published in 1909 and well acclaimed by the Sikh as well as European scholars. The purpose of the author was to introduce the lofty ideals of the Gurus to the western world in their true spirit. Hence he translated the Sikh scripture into English with help of the renowned Sikh scholars of the times including Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha. It is regarded as an accurate version of the Sikh Scripture. The author translated the hymns in a simple and direct sytle as he believed it reflected more accurately the style of the hymns themselves. Considered to be the most comprehensive work on the early Sikh tradition, it also gives a reliable account of the lives of the Gurus. It is quite remarkable that the bulk of author’s evidence consists of original sources, he also used the well-known Persian works. The result of the labour of love for 16 years, the work is undoubtedly a pioneer work in the Sikh studies and is still considered a dependable reference book to study the unexplored aspects of Sikhism.

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