The Political Philosophy of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji And Its Contemporary Relevance

by: Sujinder Singh Sangha (Dr.)

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 81-7205-625-7
  • Edition(s): Jul-2019 / 1st
  • Pages: 64
This publication identifies five salient dimensions of Guru Nanak’s political philosophy and its contemporary relevance. It provides a brief comparative overview of the historical developments in India and Europe in Guru Nanak’s time showing unconnected but insightful parallels, which were inspired and driven by the great thinkers, campaigners and reformers of the period. Their initiatives and efforts enlightened people, encouraged and motivated them to take control of their circumstances. They mobilised resistance challenging excesses of the dominant religio-political regime of Moghul Imperialism in India, and that of hegemonic Roman Catholicism in Europe. There was comparative emphasis on teaching, learning and discourse shifting focus from the antiquities and objects of ancient times, to religious texts, literature and education. Guru Nanak’s political philosophy has universal applicability that governance at all levels of society should be visionary, strategically fair, values-driven, ensuring the well being of all people without prejudice and discrimination due to caste, creed, gender, identity, race, region, religion… However, Guru Nanak was pragmatic enough to be concerned about his people, heritage and the land. He was absolutely forthright in raising his voice against invaders, oppressors and exploiters in the best interest of the people of Hindustan/India.

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