Bhagat Singh Vedi (Dr.)

Bhagat Singh Vedi (02.08.1943) a Punjabi/Hindi writer and academician was born to Amar Kaur and Tara Singh in Muzafargarh, West Pakistan. He is married to Gurcharan Kaur.

He started his career as a lecturer in Hindi at Khalsa College, Patiala (1965-1966). Later he joined Education Department Punjab and served at different government colleges. He retired as Principal, Government Ripudaman College, Nabha in 2001.

Study of Medieval Punjabi/Hindi literature was his specialization. He has also translated some classic works in Punjabi and Hindi.

His work 'Madhkalin Bhagti Kaav di Bhoomika' bagged prize from Language Department, Punjab, besides some other awards from various literary forums.

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