A Conceptual Encyclopaedia Of Guru Granth Sahib

by: Surindar Singh Kohli

  • ₹ 1,495.00 (INR)

  • ₹ 1,345.50 (INR)
  • Hardback
  • ISBN: 978-81-7304-006-1
  • Edition(s): Jan-2019 / 2nd
  • Pages: 382
In the introduction to this comprehensive work, the author brings cut the unique features of the Sikh holy scripture Guru Granth Sahib and explains the basic tenents of Sikhism. He has included about 1500 relevant entries (arranged alphabetically) an explained the concepts definitively and compares such concepts in other faiths thus making the work a very useful reference tool. This work of painstaking scholarship would be found useful both by students and researches engaged in the study of Sikh scriptures, as well as those interested in a s tudy of comparative religion.

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