Amrik Singh (Dr.)

Amrik Singh (Dr.) (20.9.1920-23.3.2010) an educationist and a Punjabi Playwright was born to Amar Kaur and Gopal Singh in Abbotabad, Pakistan. He was married to Harsharan Kaur. He had done PhD in English Literature from University of Wisconsin, USA.

He was the director at South Delhi Campus, Delhi University (1973-1975), Vice Chancellor at Punjabi University, Patiala (1977-1979).

For 17 yrs, he was appointed secretary of the Association of Indian Universities. He also served as President of International Congress of University for 10 yrs. He was President of National Institute of Punjab Studies, Bhai Vir Singh Sahitya Sadan, New Delhi.

The unexpected events of 1984 gave him a deep pain and he got published his articles on the turmoil of 1984. He also shared his experiences as an educationist in his works. Punjabi theatre was his passion and he wrote some Punjabi plays which depict the problems and pressures of urbanite life in modern age.

He was awarded Simons Award from Association of Commonwealth University and also got award from Punjabi Academy, Delhi.

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