A History of Panjabi Literature (1100-1932)

by: Mohan Singh Deewana (Dr.)

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  • Hardback
  • ISBN: 978-81-302-0252-5
  • Edition(s): reprint Jan-2014
  • Pages: 274
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Dr. Mohan Singh Dewana’s “History of Punjabi Literature (1100-1932)”, Which was first published in 1933, is being reprinted This monumental work, the D. Litt. Thesis of Dr. Mohan Singh Dewana, along with two other monographs, “Kabir and Bhagti Movement” and “Gorakhnath and Medieval Hindu Mysticism”, is a milestone in the historiography of Punjabi Literature. All subsequent studies owe their authenticity and richness to this one of the most incisive books, which is full of original research and higher critical faculty. Punjabi University also plans to publish the remaining works of Dr. Mohan Singh Dewana in near future.

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