Sikh Religion: Democratic Ideals and Institutions

by: Sudarshan Singh (Dr.), Patiala

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  • Hardback
  • ISBN: 81-7205-430-0
  • Edition(s): Jun-2009 / 1st
  • Pages: 178
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It is a first serious and academic attempt to study the democratic ideals and institutions of the Sikh Religion. The essence of the teachings of the Gurus was the unity of God and the brotherhood of man. We find in them an unbroken thread of the ideals of selfless service, love for mankind, humility, equality, fraternity and honest endeavor. To give a practical shape to these ideals, the gurus established and developed the institutions of Sangat and Pangat. The author convincingly establishes the democratic character of the ideals and institutions of Sikhism. He substantiates his points by quoting profusely from the Sikh scriptures and the life accounts of the Gurus.
  • Introduction / 19
  • The Caste-System and The Sikh Gurus / 32
  • Sangat / 55
  • Langar / 85
  • The Status of Women Under The Sikh Gurus / 107
  • The ADI Granth and Its Universal Message / 126
  • The Khalsa Brotherhood / 138
  • Conclusion / 156

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