Punjabi University Students English-Punjabi Dictionary

by: Gurkirpal Singh Sekhon

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  • Hardback
  • ISBN: 81-7380-208-4
  • Edition(s): reprint Jan-2013
  • Pages: 281
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This dictionary is intended to meet the needs of the young Punjabi students learning English at the school and undergraduate levels. It may also be useful to those who wish to acquire a working knowledge of Punjabi. This dictionary represents English as a living international language. The words in this dictionary have been arranged in the alphabetical order, after every head word, and most derived words all of which are set out in bold print, pronunciation using Gurmukhi symbols in bold print and within slashes is provided. A fairly large number of phrases, and sentences in bold italics have been interspersed in the body of the dictionary as examples of the illustrative use of the words, so that readers may get the feel of the current spoken English.