Bhagat Lakshman Singh

Bhagat Lakshman Singh (1863-1944) a noted educationist, columnist and reformer of Singh Sabha elan was first to realize the importance of martyrdom in Sikhism and decipher the martyrs that stalk the pages of Sikh history. Bhagat Lakshman Singh was a prolific writer who contributed articles to The Tribune, Lahore and other journals besides editing his own journal, The Khalsa – the first ever English language Sikh journal. He brought out his book on Sikh Martyrs in 1928 (Ganesh & Co. Madras). The book gives a graphic idea of the sacrifices made by the Sikhs to ensure “their very existence against the armed might of the greatest empire of its’ times.” However, Bhagat Lakshman Singh kept his focus on these martyrs and their fidelity towards the Sikh ideals. This remains the special feature of the book. Bhagat Lakshman Singh visualized an ‘Indian nation’ which would be neither Hindu nor Muslim, nor Sikh nor Christian, it would include all religious communities of India.

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