Guru Nanak Contemporary Concerns And Response

by: Dharam Singh (Dr.), Patiala

  • ₹ 450.00 (INR)

  • Hardback
  • ISBN: 81-7205-636-2
  • Edition(s): Dec-2019 / 1st
  • Pages: 256
This book makes a study of Guru Nanak’s life and teaching with a view to articulating this response to some of the challenges facing humankind today. The Guru was the harbinger of a new era and he enunciated a philosophy of universal nature which has relevance for all times. His teaching transcend all barriers of caste, creed and class and make no distinctions between ‘us’ and ‘they’, high and low. The Guru articulated a distinct metaphysical doctrine and made it the basis of his social philosophy. His idea of Divine immanence in all beings and at all places helped restore religion’s social praxis and make it relevant to human social aspirations. It serves as basis for the idea of spiritual unity and equality of entire human fraternity; it spiritualizes the social and negates the belief in this world being mere maya, a hindrance on man’s way to self-realization. The study also takes up the Guru’s response to religious plurality and the need for interfaith dialogue. He rejects the myth of religious superiority and strongly holds that no Word is God’s last Word. He also exhorts man to realize that human survival depends on the survival of environment and he needs to create conducive conditions for the later.

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